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UK artist, Ed Muir, based in Wiltshire, is an illustrator, graphic designer and animator. His love of figurative drawing comes from his appreciation of the human form and strives to push the gestural attitude of the subject.
We believe Ed is one of the most talented young figurative artists we have seen.

Ed studied Graphic Design, Photography and Sequential Illustration at Swindon College before studying Animation at Southampton Solent University.

Ed Muir - Interpretation of Adam and Eve

Interpretation of Adam and Eve

Ed Muir - Laying Man

You can contact Ed Muir via British Art Studios (use address on that page to email us) to discuss commissions or ask about work for sale.

Ed Muir - 8 Minute drawing 1a

Laying Man

Ed Muir - Facing Woman

8min drawing

Facing Woman

Ed Muir - 5 Minute poses 1b

5min drawing

Ed Muir -  Intertwined partners

Intertwined partners

Ed Muir - 30second sketch to 10 minute drawing 1a

30second drawing

Ed Muir - Portrait Study
Ed Muir - Relaxed Woman

Relaxed Woman

Ed Muir - 30second sketch to 10minute drawing 1c

30 second sketch

Portrait Study

Ed Muir - London Scene
Ed Muir - Life Drawing 1c

London Scene

Girl in a dress

Life Drawing

Ed Muir - Upper Body Studies 1b

Girl in a Dress

Ed Muir - Mark experiementation

Upper Bodies

Ed Muir - Empathy

Mark Experimentation

Ed Muir - 15 minute pose 1b


15min pose

Ed Muir - 10 minute drawings 1a

10min pose

Ed Muir - Girl Aiming
Ed Muir - Kneeling Girl

Kneeling Girl

Girl Aiming



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